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Parent access to student grades

 Parents with access can view their child's grades online through Skwyward Family Access.

Parents may come to the school to pick up their log in information and directions on how to access the site.   See Parents tab above for the link.

When requesting access, everyone must produce photo identification. 

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Senior Scholarship Information

    Chiefland High School

Senior Scholarship Information Night November 9, 2015

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Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation!


How successful will you be?

Questions? Contact  Katie Corbin, Graduation Coach @ or

                                    Melody Irizarry, Guidance Counselor @     


You don't have to be great to start but, you do have to start to be great!

­Zig Ziglar


Step 1: Explore Your Options

1.      Complete your college visits and narrow your list of possible colleges by considering:

ü  Type of college: 2 year ~vs~ 4 year or a technical school

ü  Location

ü  Learning Environment~ size of classes

ü  College Entry Requirements

ü  Degree offered ~vs~ what you are interested in

ü  Cost of obtaining a degree from that college ~ don’t let cost prohibit you from applying!

Online research is very helpful.  Consider these useful online resources:




2.      Review application requirements for your top choices of post-secondary options.

ü  Go to the college website or the Common Application

ü  You should read each application carefully, and note all requirements and deadlines on your college admissions calendar (Some are due in November/December/January)



Step 2: Begin the Application Process Early


3.        Get an appropriate email address for college communication and use it regularly.

ü  Know that colleges will not text you, message you or use Facebook to communicate

ü  Your email address sends a message ~make sure it’s appropriate

ü  You should check your email at least twice a week for communication from colleges.

ü  Do not use text talk when communicating.  Trust me, they won’t lol! It’s time to be PROFESSIONAL!


4.      Create a college resume that includes:

ü  Your most significant activities listed first

ü  All your activities during high school ~both in school and out of school activities.           You should clearly state all leadership roles.

ü  All jobs you have held; dates should be included whenever possible

ü  Awards and honors you have received

ü  A thoughtful attempt to answer the question(s) posed by the prospective college

(If you cannot decide to which college you will apply at this time, complete a generic essay required by the Common App, to get some ideas.








5.      Decide which teachers you will ask to fill out college recommendations:

ü  Carefully select the person you ask to write a letter of recommendation.

ü  Read the section in the college handbook/website regarding the type of student for whom the college is looking. Tailor your choice of the recommendation writer to the desires expressed.

ü  Take more than a minute to ask someone to write a letter for you. The recommendation writer needs to know more about you~your thoughts, plans, and goals. Students MUST fill out a request included in this packet to give to EACH teacher they ask to write a letter. (Make copies!)

ü  Volunteer for activities in school, church, and the community. These are important to colleges.

       Keep a running list of the activities you have done and ask supervisors of those activities to        

       write letters as well. Turn in your volunteer hours frequently so you can pre-qualify for Bright 


ü  Allow the letter writer enough lead time to produce a quality letter for you. Remember the school staff is small and you are one of many requesting a letter. Be early, be appreciative, be specific.

ü  Thank all the people who write letters for you with a hand written note. Writing a good letter of recommendation takes time and effort. You need to take time to say thank you.

6.      Get organized!

ü  Develop a filing system to hold all your important documents and keep it in the same place.

ü  Create a real and virtual folder for storing documents so you can access them any time, easily.

ü  Print a checklist/timeline to track your progress

ü  Identify scholarship & financial aid deadlines so you can meet them.

ü  Know college application deadlines~ some have early priority deadlines such as:

v  Florida A & M University                                      December 31

v  Florida State University                                         October 15

v  University of Central Florida                                 December 31

v  University of Florida                                             November 1

v  University of South Florida                                               December 31


7.      What about the SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test?

ü  Most schools accept SAT as part of the admissions process.

ü  Research your preferred college's admission requirements.

ü  Link to register/test dates:

ü  Please request scores be submitted to colleges of your choice


Know your scores! All juniors were given the SAT in February of their junior year.  Decide NOW if this is a test you want to take again to raise your score.  If so, get on it NOW.

Turn in returned scores to Mrs. Irizarry or Mrs. Gore


ü  Our school code for registration is    1.00-245

ü  SAT-$43

ü  SAT with Essay- $54.50

ü  SAT Subject Tests-$18-$26

ü  Late Registration-add $28


Test Date

Register By


December 5, 2015

November 5, 201 5

UF or St. Francis High School

January 23, 2016

December 28, 2016

Dixie High School, UF, or

St. Francis High School



March 5,20 1 6     

February 5, 201 6

Dixie High School, UF, or

St. Francis High School




8.    What about the ACT Test?

ü  Most schools accept ACT as part of the admissions process.

ü  Research your preferred college's admission requirements (Some schools will not take a partial score, so you must take the writing portion to qualify)

ü  Link to registration/test dates:

ü  Please request scores be submitted to colleges of your choice

ü  Turn in returned scores to Mrs. Irizarry or Mrs. Gore and let Ms. Corbin know

ü Our school code for registration is 100-245


ACT is offered right here at our school.  Know what your score is.  If you need to take it again you should be registering right now so you can get those scores on your transcripts!  Don’t put it off.

If   you are a student with an IEP, sign up through Ms. Corbin in the office so we can apply for your accommodations.


ü  ACT(No writing)-$39.50

ü  ACT with writing-$56.50

ü  Late registration-add $25



Test Date

Register by

Test Location

December 12, 2015

November 6, 2015


February 6, 2016

January 8, 2016


April 9, 2016

March 4, 2016



9.      Transcripts:

ü  Request official transcripts from Mrs. Lois Gore in the office.

ü  Be sure to have all of the college's information you want the transcript sent to.

ü  There is a $2 charge for each paper copy requested for snail mail. No charge for electronic transfers.(Be sure to ask the college what they will accept)

ü  If snail mail is required by the college, postage costs/mailing is the responsibility of the student.

ü  If picking it up, DO NOT OPEN the envelope. It will no longer be counted as "Official" if you open it.

v  Official Transcript requests during fall semester will show grades through junior year.

v  Official Transcript requests during spring semester will include 1st semester senior year. Official Transcript requests after June will include all 8 semesters and show that you have graduated.

v  Final Transcripts can be requested before graduation, just make sure to note you want the "End of Semester" transcript sent.


10.     Credits/GPA Check

ü  YOU are responsible for keeping track of the classes you take and the graduation requirements. You can go to the FLDOE website to see credits required.

ü  Any required course not passed needs to be repeated or made up for credit.

ü  All coursework has to be completed by the last day of classes for seniors.


11.  National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Clearinghouse:

ü  Are you interested in participating in college sports at the Division I, II, or III level?

ü  Students need to register themselves for the clearinghouse!

ü  Visit these websites to find information for the college bound student athlete:



ü  Please be aware that some courses (such as Liberal Arts math) may not qualify for NCAA requirements.


12.   Need money for college?

ü  Prepare a scholarship essay NOW that answers why YOU deserve that scholarship. Ideas to use:

v  Your financial need

v  Explaining that you are a first generation college student and what this means to you and your family

v  Describe what makes you different (remember thousands may be applying for the same thing)

v  Explain what is your drive, motivation, purpose

v  Describe a unique or extraordinary experience you had or an obstacle you have overcome that makes you even more deserving of consideration

v  Always explain what you plan to do if you are awarded the money (remember, someone is about to invest in YOU. You want them to believe it's money well spent)

v  Include information about your leadership and/or participation experiences in school, clubs, church, community etc...  Investors want a well-rounded applicant

v  Highlight any awards and recognitions you received in high school.

v  Make sure your essay is error free and sounds professional. Find a good proofreader!

v  Type your essay unless it is required it be handwritten

v  Complete the entire scholarship, answering every part of what was asked


13.  Financial Aid CSS Profile:

ü  Some schools require students to complete the CSS Profile

ü  For more information, please visit:


14.  FASFA:

ü  If you plan to apply for financial aid to pay for college go to the following page where you will get a free application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA):

ü  You can apply AFTER January 1st  of your senior year and Feb 15 is  a common deadline

ü  Before FASFA applications can be submitted, parent/student must complete yearly income tax return. You can use last year’s tax return and update FASFA upon completion of your current tax return.  Apply EARLY as many funds are first come, first serve.





15.  Bright Futures:

ü  Students must APPLY their senior year by submitting the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA).

ü  Application is available online beginning December1  at:

ü  Student deadline for early evaluation is January1  6

(Based on core GPA, test scores, community service hours- try to pre-qualify “early determination”)















Reading & Math 1290



29 Composite


Reading & Math 1170



26 Composite


Reading & Math 880



English 17

Reading 19

Math 19



Reading 106

Writing 103

 Math 114








Students should turn in community service hours to Linda Jones in the office to be officially recorded. The form required for documenting hours is in the front office. Please ask at the desk to get a form.


The Bright Futures program is based on academic criteria, regardless of need. Students must apply for the scholarship by submitting the Florida Financial Aid Application beginning December 1 of their senior year and by no later than August 31 after high school graduation. The scholarship will renew automatically each year (up to the scholarship limit) if students maintain the required GPA and earn the required credit hours. If you finish your BA early, it will pay your first semester of grad school at BA rate!  This is HUGE.


Please keep in mind requirements and award amounts may change from year to year. Log in now and begin looking at what you may be eligible for!


16.  Scholarships:

ü  Online research is the most efficient way to find out about scholarships you might qualify for:




*This is a list of possible scholarships by due date. This is just a start. Local scholarships will        come out later. Spend time looking NOW! Investing time now can save you a lot of money later!


What’s Required

Application Due Date

Wendy’s Heisman

Senior athletes, 3.0 GPA, community service.  Apply at


Luis E. Torres Scholarship

Students with documented illness/disability


AES Engineering Solutions

Students with good character


Burger King Scholars Program

Excel academically while working  part time and being involved in the community


Horatio Alger Association

Students that have overcome adversity, community service and financial need.


Coca Cola Scholarship

Leadership, community service, academics, 3.0, GPA


Security Transcends Technology

Offers a variety of scholarships

Various Deadlines

Ron Brown Scholar Program

African-American, excel academically, leadership, community service

11/01/15 or 01/09/16

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Community Service


Jan La Belle Scholarship Program

Students with disabilities



George W. Jenkins

Attend University of Miami, un-weighted GPA 3.75, involved in community


Burger King Scholars Program

Seniors who excel academically while also working part-time and being actively involved in their community



Young entrepreneur award, must operate own business


Profile In Courage Essay Contest

Write an essay on an act of political courage by a U.S. elected official who served during or after 1956.



GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program

Exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship needing financial assistance for college.


Gates Millennium

African-American, American Indians, Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, Hispanic American students, financial need. US Citizens/legal residents, 3.3 un-weighted GPA


USF Institute of Black Life Scholarship

African-American, financial need, file FASFA, plan to attend USF


Servin-Ellis Scholarship Fund

Any high school senior who is enrolled or plans to enroll in the current year in undergraduate study.  Students must have a parent or guardian who is an FCU member or by being a Florida Credit Union member themselves. Need and academic based.


The Randy Roberts Foundation

Extraordinary students (see application for more detail)


William J. English

Major in computer science and/or information technology, 2.5 GPA


Buick Achievers Scholarship Program

See site for details


Susan M. Hunter Scholarship

Children of current, retired, or deceased full time employees of a corrections agency and a member of ASCA


Project Yellow Light-

Hunter Garner Scholarship

Design a video to motivate, persuade and encourage your peers not to drive distracted


Johnson Scholarship Program

Children of UPS employees or retirees in Florida


Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy Challenge

Gives high school seniors the chance to win a $36,000 scholarship to any college the winner wishes to attend.


Give Kids A Chance

Financial need, 2.5 GPA


Children of Divorce

Live in a household separated by divorce


Tucker Owens Memorial Fund Scholarship

Vocational scholarship that pays up to $5,000 for the tuition at a local vocational program. NOT GPA based. Must demonstrate merit through community involvement and references.

Check on date





Additional Scholarship Websites Worth Checking Out!


100 Minority Gateway List




College Scholarships

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

International Ed Financial Aid

ROTC (Army)

United Negro College Fund

Veteran Affairs

College Board


Florida Department of Education


Local or Specific Scholarships


Many, but not all, are organized through the Levy County Schools Foundation-LCSF.  These are scholarships we had last year and HOPE to again.  Keep in mind it changes every year.  These scholarships become available around February.  Look for them through Ms. Corbin or Mrs. Irizarry.


For local scholarships organized through LCSF, students fill out one application that includes background information, colleges you have applied to, admission status and area you plan to major.  You must indicate financial need, list extracurricular activities, community service work, talents and awards, as well as employment history. College entrance exam scores must be included with your cumulative GPA and transcript.  Finally, an essay must be included that may be written as three individual essays or as one narrative that answers ALL of the following:


1.      What makes you unique? Describe yourself.

2.      What are your goals for the next 5 years and how do you plan to reach those goals?

3.      How have your extracurricular, volunteer and/or work experience prepared you for your life goals?



  Class of 1966

   LCSF application ($500)





  Garland Blackmon Memorial

LCSF application ($500)

  John Chisolm Scholarship/ South Chiefland

Separate application ($250)

  Levy/Gilchrist Retired Teachers Scholarship

Separate application ($500) for a senior who desires

to pursue a teaching career

  Black History

Separate application ($250)

  Marvin Scott Scholarship

Separate application ($250)

  Plum Creek Community Scholarship


Separate application. Seniors enrolling for the first  

time in full-time undergraduate study who reside in one of the locations listed in the guidelines.

Rotary Club-Jim  Easley Memorial Scholarship

Check application requirements as they change ($1,000)

Rotary Club-Charles Strickland Memorial Scholarship

Check application requirements as they change ($1,000)

National Wild Turkey Federation

Separate application. Must be a member $500

Southern Scholarship Foundation

Separate application-Outstanding academic ability, good character and financial need. Must be attending Florida A&M, Florida Gulf Coast

University, Florida State University, Santa Fe College, or University of Florida. Offers scholarships in the form of rent-free housing to live in one of 27 furnished scholarship houses adjacent to the college campus.

Central Florida Scholarships

Separate application. Based on financial need,

2.5 GPA and written essay ($1,000)

College of Central Florida

Separate application. Honor students who plan to attend CF, class rank and GPA considerations   ($750-$1,000 per semester fall/spring)

ABAC Scholarships

Separate application-For seniors looking to continue

their education in agriculture. Scholarship is to their school in Tifton, GA.

Ronald Reagan Scholarship

Separate application. Exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship needing financial assistance for college

Ben Roberts Care Center, Inc.

Scholarship recognizing stability and success.($250)

Levy County Education Association

LCSF application. No specifications ($500)

Career Source Citrus, Levy, Marion

Separate application. Graduates who plan to pursue

Careers in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) or an occupation in demand in one of our targeted industry sectors ($3,500)

FFA Alumni

Separate application. Must submit a copy of the State FFA Degree Application, submit a one page biographical statement including participation in the Ag program, submit a copy of Ag related community service hours with appropriate signatures ($500)








Bob Williams Civic Leadership/Community

LCSF application. Significant community service and volunteer hours ($250)

Earnest & Julia Haile Scholarship

LCSF application. Senior pursuing a career in education ($250)

Chiefland Women's Club Memory of Fortune Hudson


LCSF application. Young lady with a positive attitude,

Community service, extra-curricular activities ($1,000)

Suwannee Am Vets Post #422

LCSF application-Write an essay on "What It Means

To Be An American." Must have a family member who has served or is currently serving in the US Military-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin etc...($975)

Alonzo Guyton Memorial Scholarship

LCSF application. Participate in sports with strong

Interest in music or band ($250)

Capital City Group Foundation Scholarship

LCSF application. Pursuing a career in finance, business, accounting, etc...($500)

Chiefland Lion's Club

LCSF application. No specifications ($250)

Chiefland Chamber of Commerce

LCSF application. Significant community service and

Volunteer hours ($500)

Levy County Fair

LCSF application. Seniors must have participated in the Levy County Fair at least once. Must include year(s) and event(s) on resume (Amt TBD)

Back Fighting Cancer

LCSF application. Essay on "How Cancer Has

Impacted My Life" ($500)

Levy County Schools Foundation

LCSF application. No specifications ($500)

C. Doyle McCall Scholarship

LCSF application. Athletic-leader on campus and on the field/court ($500)

Duke Energy

LCSF application. Senior pursuing a career in engineering, science or math ($500)

Manibean Patel Memorial Scholarship

LCSF application ($500)

Levy County Schools Food Service

LCSF application. May require separate resume and essay on Impact of Food and Nutrition Services at your school in general or specific to you (Amt TBD)

Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Memorial

LCSF application. Minority with strong community

Service ($1,000)



Levy County Soil & Water Conservation

LCSF (gives 4 per county-Amt TBD)



Best Wishes on Your Next Steps!

Dream BIG,


“Only as high as I reach can I grow,


Only as far as I seek can I go,

Only as deep as I look can I see,

Only as much as I dream can I be.”


~Karen Ravn


Request for letter of recommendation form



Student Name __________________________________                Date _________________________________


Cumulative GPA at this time _____________________

Any senior requesting a letter of recommendation for college or scholarships must turn in this form to the teacher so it can direct them with background information and details of your plans for the future.  Be very specific about what you are requesting the letter for so it will benefit you.


What are your plans for the future?  Please circle one:


Community college                 University                   Military                       Career                        Other


What is the name of the school/scholarship this recommendation is for? __________________________________


What is your intended major? ___________________________________________________________________


What is your occupational goal? _________________________________________________________________


What do you feel has been your most outstanding activity or accomplishment at school or in the community in the past for years? Explain why. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



What do you believe is your best quality? Why? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Please list 6 adjectives that describe you. _________________________________________________________________________________________________


What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Explain_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Are there any unusual academic or personal circumstances that would help in understanding you better? (examples: obstacles overcome, financial hardships, illnesses etc…) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Honor or Award(s)  Received

Description of honor or award(s)

Date Received























Description of activity

(note leadership positions)

Grade(s) involved



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12






Description of activity

(List UNPAID work only)

Grade(s) involved



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12



9         10        11       12







Time Worked There

Hours Per Week