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High School

High School Teachers

Bobbie Kidd - English

Jan Flemming - English

Mariana Convery - Enlgish

Melissa Cook - English


Josine Burgman - Spanish

Adam Boyd - Math

Sherry Hallman - Math

Jennifer Isenhoward - Math

David Mitchell - Math

Pamela Plemmons - Math

Valerie Perez - Social Studies

Christopher Wilson - Social Studies

Adam Gore - Social Studies


Lita Weingart - Science

Stacey Drummond - Science

Darby Allen-Science

Liam Mathe - Science


Christina Smith - Business Education

Rebecca Mack - Business Education

Mary Phillips-Credit Retrieval

Katie Corbin - Reading Coach

Raquel Beauchamp - Health Occupations

Chad Hodges - Music

Adam Gore - PE

Holly Keene - Hope/PE

Dallas Locke - Agriculture


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High School Contact Info
808 N. Main St.
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Phone: (352) 493-6000
Fax: (352) 493-6018
Middle School Contact Info
811 NW 4th Drive
Chiefland, Florida 32626
Phone: (352) 493-6025
Fax: (352) 493-6048
Coburn Hardee, 8th Grade

​Chiefland Middle is proud to announce Coburn Hardee as our student of the month.Coburn is kind, dedicated and a respectful student.  He always strives for excellence.  He is always engaged, prepared and a hard worker.  He is a great example of someone who makes the most of the time he has in the classroom.  He is always on task.  He is very well liked by his peers and is a great representative for CMHS Student of the Month​.

Jaycie Anderson, 10th grade

Jaycie is a hardworking student who always strives to do her best.  She is also very involved in the CHS track team.  She is a leader that continually displays school pride, determination, and a strong will to be successful.

Things to know


Parent access to student grades

 Parents with access can view their child's grades online through Skwyward Family Access.

Parents may come to the school to pick up their log in information and directions on how to access the site.   See Parents tab above for the link.

When requesting access, everyone must produce photo identification. 

Teacher of the Year
Chad Hodges  
ESP of the Year
Donna Brock