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Jan 12                     Report Cards

Jan.11     Bronson                Bronson                  3:30/5/6:30/8   JVG/JVB/VG/VB

Jan. 12   Branford                 Chiefland              3:30/5/6:30/8   JVG/JVB/VG/VB

Jan 15                     No School- MLK Day- Holiday

Jan 15-19          REBOUND WEEK

Rebound Week-Dress up Days

January 15th-19th

MLK Monday:

No School! Rest up for the week

Time Travel Tuesday:

Dress as your favorite decade

Wacky Wednesday:

Dress crazy

Twin Thursday:

Find a twin and dress the same

School Spirit Friday

JAN.16    YANKEE TOWN-MS    AWAY                4:30            3:00

Jan. 16   Dixie County           Chiefland              3:30/5/6:30/8   JVG/JVB/VG/VB

JAN. 18   TRENTON-MS         AWAY                    6:00             5:00

Jan.19    Trenton                   Trenton                 3:30/5/6:30/8   JVG/JVB/VG/VB

Jan. 22   Crystal River            Chiefland               5:30/7              JVG/VG

Jan.23    Bronson (Senior Night) Chiefland      3:30/5/6:30/8 JVG/JVB/VG/VB

JAN. 25    YANKEE TOWN-MS    HOME              4:30

JAN. 26    OAK HALL-MS         *CHS GYM           5:30

Jan. 26   Oak Hall                     Chiefland            5:30/6:30/8      MSB/JVB/VB

Jan. 29    Williston                     Williston            6/7:30              JVG/VG

Jan. 30     Fort White                 Fort White        6/7:30              JVG/VG

Feb. 1      Crystal River              Chiefland           5:30/7              JVB/VB

Feb.1       Santa Fe                     Santa Fe             6:00                 VG

Feb. 6     Oak Hall                      Oak Hall             5:30/7              JVB/VB

Feb. 8    Union County              Union County   6/7:30              JVB/VB

Middle School Student of the Month

Middle School Student of the Month 

Donovan Simoga

8th Grader

Chiefland Middle is proud to announce Donovan Simoga as our student of the month.  Donovan is extremely conscientious! He is well-mannered and follows through with all assignments and responsibilities. He is a pleasure to have in class! Always friendly and goes above and beyond!  He is a great example to his peers and is a great representative for CMHS Student of the Month. 

Chiefland Middle High School

High School Student of the Month

Cheyenne Gay--Cheyenne is an extremely hard working student. She is currently taking AP and college courses and is excelling despite having to overcome some very difficult personal hardships this semester. She finds time to volunteer as an active member of the Youth Environmental Association. She has volunteered many hours to campus cleanups, homecoming activities and environmental educational awareness activities on campus. As my student assistant she is always willing to do what ever is asked of her. She will often come in to help set up labs on her own time if needed. I think Cheyenne would represent CMHS well as our December student of the month. 


Sunshine State GRANT

Patricia Crews applied for the SunCoast Credit Union Classroom Grant back in September to see if we could qualify to buy the new Florida Sunshine State books for 2017-2018. It included all the language arts teachers on the grant so that they could see that the books are used school wide. We ended up getting the full amount that we asked for so we can now purchase 5 sets of all 15 Florida Sunshine State books. The kids are very excited they have been asking me everyday if we are going to get any of the books but so far it just has not been in the budget. We are all very excited. 


 GE Additive Education Program

awarded to Ms. Christina Smith Business Department.

Under the GE Additive Education Program for Primary and Secondary Schools (“GE Program”), each participating school receive a Polar classroom package. The grant provides an extra 3d printer for Pride Publishing. Ms. Smith Digital Design class will partner with Ms. Weingart and her AP environmental science class to build wind turbines next semester called “Tinkering with Turbines”.

GE believes giving students access to additive technologies will help accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing worldwide. GE will invest $10 million over the next five years in educational programs aimed at developing future additive talent.  It’s all part of GE’s passion for improving student outcome and introducing future generations to new technologies.


Updated: 1/12/2018


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Parent access to student grades

 Parents with access can view their child's grades online through Skwyward Family Access.

Parents may come to the school to pick up their log in information and directions on how to access the site.   See Parents tab above for the link.

When requesting access, everyone must produce photo identification. 

Teacher of the Year
Chad Hodges  
ESP of the Year
Donna Brock