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2017 Football Schedule (see below)
Lunch Menu is located at
10/17  Volleyball Williston vs. Indians @ 5:00 in Branford*

*The winner of this game plays Thursday.

Bronson (Senior Night)                     Home                     Oct. 20                  7:30

October 20                                            REPORT CARDS

Agape Christian                                   Away                     Oct. 27                   7:30       


High school underclassmen and faculty/staff picture retakes and absentee pictures will be taken Wednesday, October 25th. You must have purchased a package to get retakes.

Williston                                                Away                     Nov. 3                    7:30


Club picture day is Friday, October 27th. (Due to FFA convention, FFA pictures will be taken 3rd period on November 2nd.)

11/14 9:00am ASVAB


Club picture day is Friday, October 27th. (Due to FFA convention, FFA pictures will be taken 3rd period on November 2nd.)


Middle school yearbooks are now on sale. The very best deal for purchasing a yearbook is on from now until September 29th.  Yearbooks are currently only $15!  Also, if you buy a line of personalization for 6 more dollars (total $21), you can get 4 free icons printed on the front of your book.  This deal is only good until September 29th.  Students will get an order form this week, or you can purchase online at You can pay with a credit


have partnered to help gather the following items for the residents in need in the Keys.  We have a personal contact that will directly deliver the items.  Some items will be delivered tomorrow in Bronson, but they can accept donations in the next few weeks as well.  If you have any of these items you would like to donate, please let me or Mrs. Fleming know.  Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide!

Bar soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, diapers, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes, feminine products, latex gloves, rubber gloves, contractor heavy trash bags, batteries, all sizes, tire repair kits, first aid kits, new chainsaws, gas power only (we are looking into a price to have a possible fundraiser for)

Student of the Month

Middle School Student of the Month

Congratulations to Alex Bastow (6th Grade) Stu- dent of the Month, James Rains (8th Grade) Stu- dent of the Month and Jarrett Darus for being chosen as the (7th Grade) and Over all Student of the Month Representative for the Month of

September. Jarrett will represent the Middle School at the City Commission Meeting at a later date.

Chiefland Middle High School

Student of the Month

Nathalie Solatorio-- CMHS senior. Nathalie has taken my business class for the last two years and she has been amazing. She was given the position of my COO, Chiefland Operating Officer for our student run business called Pride Publishing, a printing business run by the students and students in FBLA, Future Business Leaders of American. She does a great job at getting a job done without being told to such as work orders, printing invoices, creating posters, and organizing business operations. I never have to ask her to do anything. She is always prepared and knows what the expectations are from an educational and business point of view. She is industry certified in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash. She earned six college credits over the summer attending an InDesign and Illustrator Bootcamp at Sante Fe Community College. She is currently dual enrolled at College of Central Florida. I highly recommend her because her motivation and dedication to learning to better prepare herself for a career and post-secondary education and helping to make Chiefland Middle High School and the business department the best it can be.

Sunshine State GRANT

Patricia Crews applied for the SunCoast Credit Union Classroom Grant back in September to see if we could qualify to buy the new Florida Sunshine State books for 2017-2018. It included all the language arts teachers on the grant so that they could see that the books are used school wide. We ended up getting the full amount that we asked for so we can now purchase 5 sets of all 15 Florida Sunshine State books. The kids are very excited they have been asking me everyday if we are going to get any of the books but so far it just has not been in the budget. We are all very excited. 


 GE Additive Education Program

awarded to Ms. Christina Smith Business Department.

Under the GE Additive Education Program for Primary and Secondary Schools (“GE Program”), each participating school receive a Polar classroom package. The grant provides an extra 3d printer for Pride Publishing. Ms. Smith Digital Design class will partner with Ms. Weingart and her AP environmental science class to build wind turbines next semester called “Tinkering with Turbines”.

GE believes giving students access to additive technologies will help accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing worldwide. GE will invest $10 million over the next five years in educational programs aimed at developing future additive talent.  It’s all part of GE’s passion for improving student outcome and introducing future generations to new technologies.

Congratulations Homecoming Court

Queen: Chelsea Parker

Princess: Haitrieu Nguyen


King: Brian Norris

Prince: Traimaine Brown


Football Schedule


Bronson (Senior Night)                                  Home              Oct. 20                        7:30

Agape Christian                                              Away              Oct. 27                        7:30    

Williston                                                          Away              Nov. 3                         7:30


Alpha Division 2017-2018

Oct. 17     Chiefland @ Trenton

Oct. 24     Bye

Oct. 31     Chiefland @ Dixie

Nov. 7      Chiefland @ Bronson

Nov. 17    Cedar Key @ Chiefland

Divisional Tournament:  December 4-12, 2017

Conference Tournament:  January 9-12, 2018


Updated: 10/17/2017


Contact Us
High School Contact Info
808 N. Main St.
Chiefland, Florida 32626
Phone: (352) 493-6000
Fax: (352) 493-6018
Middle School Contact Info
811 NW 4th Drive
Chiefland, Florida 32626
Phone: (352) 493-6025
Fax: (352) 493-6048
Chiefland Local Date and Time


Parent access to student grades

 Parents with access can view their child's grades online through Skwyward Family Access.

Parents may come to the school to pick up their log in information and directions on how to access the site.   See Parents tab above for the link.

When requesting access, everyone must produce photo identification. 

Teacher of the Year
Kim Baker
ESP of the Year
Lori Barker